At Waimea Richmond Funeral Services it is important to us that we meet the needs of our client families. Part of this involves ensuring that the costs associated with the funeral fall within the budget of the family. It is therefore important that your funeral director is informed of particular family requirements from the outset.

If you would like to request an estimate of funeral costs to assist you in pre-planning please contact us and we will forward this to you. Any information provided on your requirements is helpful. Alternatively just whether the funeral will involve a burial or cremation.

Contact us to discuss your specific wishes and let us provide you with an estimate of the costs.

The Funeral Account

Our funeral director can give you an estimate at the time of the funeral arrangement. This ideally parallels with your individual requests and needs.

The funeral account is sent to the family two weeks from the date of death and is due for payment within 28 days of invoice.

The company’s policy on its credit facilities are outlined to the family on our company authority form, which is signed by the person giving the instructions at the time of the funeral arrangement.

Payment Options

Waimea Richmond accepts payment in the form of cash, direct debit, cheque, Eftpos, and Visa or Mastercard.

Financial Assistance from Other Agencies

Work and Income New Zealand (WINZ) have a funeral grant that may be available to those who cannot pay the full cost of a funeral. The grant is asset tested. Our funeral director will assist you on how to apply for this grant.

Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) has a funeral grant for deaths occurring as the result of an accident or medical misadventure.

You cannot claim a funeral grant from both WINZ and ACC.

Medical insurance companies also have a range of death covers. Check with your insurance company to find out whether this is included in your policy.