Cremation or Burial?

Making the right choice for your family
The decision whether to have a burial or cremation service is usually made by the family. Sometimes people express a personal wish by recording it in their will, leaving instructions with a Funeral Director or telling a family member. The choice is very much a personal one, with several things people may consider.

Sometimes there is a family tradition, perhaps a cemetery where the family have been buried, or a wish to be buried with their spouse. There can also be religious or ethnic considerations.

We have worked with hundreds of families in making the significant choice of either cremation or burial. It’s an important decision and we’re here to help.

What can I do with my loved ones ashes?

Ashes can be interred in a cemetery, scattered in a favourite place, or they can be repatriated overseas for burial. We can help you with the many options available and if you’re pre-planning your own service, we can assist you to record your wishes, so they are known to the family when the time comes.

How long can I keep the ashes for?

Ashes are generally available the day after the funeral. There is no time limit for keeping ashes. Burying or scattering ashes can bring finality to the funeral process for a lot of people; it helps with recovery from grief. Others prefer to keep the ashes, perhaps to scatter or bury the ashes at a certain time of the year or at a family occasion. You won’t be asked for any specific decision on time, and arrangements can be made with us to keep ashes for a period of time.


As with all our services, including burials, we are here to help you with all the details, so you don’t have to worry. We’ll assist you with choosing a casket, arranging the right cemetery and all the arrangements for your loved one’s burial. We have a specialist dressing room available where you can be involved in preparing them for the funeral service and commitment.

Often families like to select their own plot; you can pre-purchase a burial or ashes plot at the cemetery of your choice, or this can be arranged at the time of death with the Funeral Director. Local Authorities or Trusts own the cemeteries and the staff at Marsden House can assist and advise you of the procedure and local contacts.
With both burial and cremation, there are environmental options you may wish to consider. Take a look at our Environment page to see our different eco-friendly options.
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