What We Do

We are here to help you in your time of need

What to do when someone dies

Knowing what to do when your loved one dies can be overwhelming. That’s why talking to one of our experienced funeral directors as early as possible is important. Make us your first call and entrust us to take care of all the necessary arrangements. We’ll support you through the process and help you navigate all the decision making.

What do I do if a coroner has been appointed?

Sometimes, if a doctor is unable to determine the cause of death, then the Coroner will be appointed. In these cases the police act as the Coroner’s agent and employ a funeral director to transfer your loved one to a hospital mortuary. In these instances it is still the family’s right to choose their preferred Funeral Director to attend to all the other arrangements for them.

What services do you offer?

We’ll take the responsibility of organisation off your hands – we offer you personalised individual support to suit your needs. We can help with:

Funeral planning

Think ahead and get peace of mind with our pre-planning and planning services that honour you and celebrated your life your way, or for your loved one.

Tailored funeral services

We take care of every aspect of the day personalised to you, providing a carefully selected casket, a dignified hearse, and a warm and welcoming venue with a variety of catering options.

Caring support

We can offer a range of support services, including the option for at-home care and bereavement support. Additionally, our team assists in coordinating with celebrants, clergy, cemeteries, and crematoriums

We take care of every detail

We handle the music, musicians and technicians, arrange flowers and other tributes, including a memoriam book - all to celebrate life your way.

Organise a lasting memorial

We can help organise the purchase of a cemetery plot, interment, memorial plaque or headstone - ensuring that their memory remains cherished for generations to come.

We take care of the paperwork

We help collate documentation from the doctor or coroner, and filing of death registration forms with Births, Deaths and Marriages. In addition to fulfilling the legal obligations, we also offer support in preparing notices that can be published in local, national, and even international newspapers.