Embalming gives people time to grieve and say goodbye to their loved ones in a safe way

Is embalming required?

Beyond the obvious benefits of enabling a family to take the time required to prepare for a funeral, there are also established health reasons for embalming and important long-term environmental benefits.

Firstly, embalming is not compulsory, unless you are wanting to repatriate your loved one to another country. The importance of people having time to grieve well cannot be understated; embalming allows the opportunity for everyone to say their goodbyes properly and safely. Embalming is the healthiest option if you want to ensure that your loved one is maintained in a condition suitable for viewing by friends and family prior to the funeral or memorial service.

Embalmers are skilled and qualified people, working within a Code of Ethics and Practice to standards set by the NZEA (The New Zealand Embalmers Association) and the FDANZ (Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand). We use embalming methods that are environmentally friendly, which include a new generation of chemicals specially designed to protect the environment. Embalming offers the most environmentally friendly option.

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