Support Agencies

Your network of support when you need it most

Skylight Trust
Skylight is a New Zealand not-for-profit charitable trust, that supports children and teens impacted by change, loss and grief – whatever its cause. We also help those who care for them; this could be parents, extended family, friends, community volunteers, caregivers, or professionals. Our work helps young people and their families and communities to find ways to live with life’s losses, to build on their natural resilience, and to move forward.

Barnardos NZ
Barnardos is New Zealand’s largest and most trusted children’s organisation. For more than 30 years Barnardos has worked within the community to help New Zealand children receive the care, education and support they need in order to grow and reach their potential.

Age Concern NZ
Age Concern NZ works to serve the needs of older people by offering nationally contracted services, education, resources and national leadership. Age Concern New Zealand is the collective national office, serving to support, engage and promote the organisation’s development and quality best practice.